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Novell Communities

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Novell, Inc. engages in the development, implementation, and support of mixed source and open source software for use in business solutions.




Novell's user communities are designed to engage the software giant's user base by giving them a place to share ideas, information, and Novell-related tools and utilities.

The community is built around several of the company's special interest groups. The home page, shown here, surfaces headlines from each of these special areas.

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    At the center of the community is an area that features "Cool Solutions" -- user-contributed tools, utilities, and best practices that help community members get more from their investment in Novell's products and technologies.

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    Users in all corners of the world have organized themselves into geographic groups knows as chapters of "Novell Users International" (NUI). In the NUI section of the community, chapter members are able to schedule local meetings, communicate with other group members, and post photos of and presentations given at monthly meetings.

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    Members of Novell's PartnerNet organization are given access to the "members only" section of the community that features sales tools and presentations. Members can also participate in partner-related discussions that take place in the private partner forums.

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    The Training and Certification area of the community give the certified (and the aspiring to be certified) a place to get the latest news about available certifications, testing dates, and authorized testing centers.

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