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Omniture, now an Adobe company, is a leading provider of online business optimization software.




Omniture's software, delivered to customers through hosted, on-demand services, offers an easier and more flexible way to manage online, multi-channel and off-line business initiatives without costly investments in IT infrastructure.

Their user community, The Link, gives their customers a place to interact with the company, get support from other community members, and learn how to get more out of the company's hosted services.

    Feature List

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    Omniture uses their community-powered forums to create an open and friendly arena for sharing. Community members use the community forums to share ideas, promote creative reporting techniques, and offer technical support to other community members.

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    The Events calendar holds details about small grass-roots events sponsored by local Omniture user groups and formal, large-scale training and marketing events.

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    A "Cafe" metaphor is used by Omniture User Groups to describe their informal approach to gathering and information sharing. Each Omniture Cafe has their own section of the community where they discuss Cafe-specific events, promotions, or opportunities. Members of each Omniture Cafe are encourage to post news and information about their local group to the community.

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    The community leverages a high-tech news aggregation engine to scour the Internet for news that's relevant to members of the community. This news is displayed on a common collector page and gives community members a one-stop-source for Omniture and analytics news.

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    Tech sites are rife with acronyms and abbreviations. The Omniture community helps users understand these terms by including a glossary as part of the community experience. Technical terms and acronyms that are present in submitted articles are automatically hyperlinked to their definitions in the glossary.

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    The Link includes a comprehensive help system to help everyone from the newest user find their way around the site to the most experienced user with questions about how to publish articles.

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    One of the real benefits of any social network is its ability connect its members. The Link gives users this ability by encouraging them to join groups, find and add "buddies" to their trusted user list, and develop a rapport by including a signature in their posts, adding biographical information to their personal profile page, and by adding a personal photo to their profile page.