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Not sure you need all the services we offer? Don't worry. We have a range of offerings so you can have as much or as little help from us as you need.

  • Full-Service Packages (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) provide graduated levels of participation from our staff in keeping your site updated, moderating community posts, providing HTML markup, sending newsletters, and much more.
  • Editorial and Community Management Only - for sites that already exist, but need some editorial TLC to energize them
  • Community Construction - Work with us to design, code and host a custom community that's a perfect fit for you and your customers.

Our Service Packages are based on the amount of ongoing editorial support, community management, and site maintenance you'd like us to provide, NOT on the number of features in your community. Unlike other vendors, we don't offer "lite" communities with just a few basics like forums and polls, and then charge you more as you add features. The way we look at it, your users deserve and expect all the bells and whistles, so that's what we provide to all of our clients. It's the WebWise way...

What's in a WebWise Community?

Every WebWise community we build offers a rich set of features and community elements that make them enjoyable and easy for your customers to use.

For example:

  • WebWise Rewards - participants in the community can earn points they can accumulate and redeem from the WebWise Rewards Catalog.
  • Surveys and Polls - get the answers you need to make important decisions about product development, competitor offerings, market penetration, etc.
  • Interactive Forums - offer your customers real-time support from power users around the world.
  • Electronic Newsletters - nothing like a newsletter to draw them back to your site week after week.
  • Reader ratings - this works like a charm for sites like eBay, Amazon.com, and other consumer sites. People love to see what other people think about something.
  • Glossary - integrate a glossary into your community, and no one will ever be confused by jargon again. Great way to cultivate new business.
  • Tag clouds - let your customers see what the hottest topics are, and they'll click back every day for more.
  • Buy Now - we can integrate with your own online store, or set one up for you. Either way, let's satisfy that impulse to buy!
  • Insider Blogs - we'll help the gurus inside the building share their knowledge and insight with the people who matter the most: your customers.
  • Site Analytics - we'll help you know what sections of the community are most popular, and help you buff them up and turn them into up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Contests - nothing hooks a visitor like a chance to win something cool.
  • RSS - we can dangle new content out in front of the world by putting it in an RSS feed. Get in on this - it's becoming THE preferred way to keep up with a dynamic site.
  • Advisory Boards - we get product gurus to step it up a notch and become part of your site's panel of experts.

Full Service

If you have a large web design and production team at your disposal, we can work with them to establish a web community that fits in seamlessly with your corporate web site. If you do not have internal resources at your disposal, we can create the entire site, from web design to programming the pages to hosting the site on our own servers.

Once we get your site posted, we'll swing into the Editorial and Community Management mode, and provide the TLC needed to get your customers to step up and participate.

We offer three different Service Packages to choose from, based on the amount of ongoing help you'd like us to provide.

See Service Packages here >

Editorial and Community Management Only

If you plan to build and host your own site, but want some help managing it on an ongoing basis, WebWise offers competitive pricing for editorial and community management that will turn your site into a vital, dynamic gathering place your customers will love to visit.

See Editorial pricing here >

Community Construction

We've assembled an incredibly talented team of designers, programmers, and web hosting professionals who do nothing but build and maintain custom web communities for our elite clients. If you would like to partner with WebWise to create a community that has the perfect mix of the features you need, uses the latest web technologies, and delivers an incredible customer experience, contact us for an estimate.

Pricing for community construction varies depending on the features you request. Pricing for custom communities built by WebWise starts at US$50,000.

Contact us to discuss your needs (and to have us work on a bid) today.